Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson

Snack cakes and kisses...

Title: Double Daredouble dare

Author: Rhonda Nelson

Star rating: 3/5

So what’s it about?

A last minute decision to run out on her wedding leaves Lou with a bit of a dilemma… How can she get away long enough to get her head together? How can she escape an overbearing father, a monster mother in law and gormless groom? How can she find a life whilst on the run from everyone who will surely be hunting her down for an explanation? Go on an adventure holiday with a gorgeous guide and a list of “things-to-do-before-I-end-up-trapped” that’s what!

For Sam, the poor guide who ends up caught in Lou’s rebellion, life has always been adventurous but never quite so crazy – and when Sam realises that he is breaking all his own rules for the little snack-cake-heiress… Well things really start to gather momentum!

Love it or hate it?

This was a funny and sweet tale of two very different people from very different backgrounds. Lou’s naivety is often amusing and nicely offset against her cunning understanding of the media/press.  Sam’s rigidity and unwavering adherence to the rules makes his eventual admittance of his feelings all the more potent. It is not a realistic tale but I never assumed it would be; instead I took it for what it was - a light feel-good story that is just right for a little bit of escapism.

Read this if…

  •      You like sweet, funny and sometimes saucy romance.
  •      You like to escape with a light read.
  •      You love a happy ending.

Favourite quote:

Sam snorted. “I’m helping you get drunk. I don’t think chivalrous is the right word. The word you’re looking for is stupid.”

Double Dare, Rhonda Nelson.

Reviewer: Hagnut

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