Escaping Reality:The secret life of Amy Bensen, Review

amyTitle: Escaping reality: The secret life of Amy Bensen

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Star rating: 4/5

This story starts with an intrigue. As soon as you begin to read you realise that Amy is not who you expect her to be…she is not who she has pretended to be and she is not who she is about to become. The reader develops a keen need to uncover Amy’s need for secrecy and protection. We desire her truths and the author does a great job of keeping us wanting throughout this story.

The relationship that springs out of nowhere and seems too good to be true – and may yet prove to be so - is impassioned, exciting, unnerving, powerful and consuming. The mysteries thrown at us in regards to ‘the new job’, the secretary and the neighbour keep us guessing as to who she should trust. When we turn to the final few pages Amy’s actions seem inevitable but the outcome is all still a mystery!

An enjoyable read and one that has me waiting eagerly for the next installment!

*Received a copy for an honest review*

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