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The international bestselling team of erotica writers from Hot Ink Press have a whole new present to stuff your stocking this holiday season. The Hard Candy box set features 8 seasonal stories that will warm up long winter nights. 

Candi Delshanagus' "Twelve Strings of Christmas": Tasha Hollister has an addiction and it's ruining Christmas. No, it isn't drugs or alcohol. It could be considered gambling, though. Tasha's addiction is musicians. The last one kicked her off his tour bus in this cruddy little town. Now she's working in the local watering hole for room and board upstairs, and trying to resist the charms of the in-house talent. Is Tasha prepared to gamble her heart, and her no-strings sex policy, for the twelve-string guitarist with the magic hands and silver tongue? 

Kim Carmichael's "The Wish": All Attorney Emma Hollingsworth wanted for Christmas was for her law firm's Senior Partner, Leland Ryan, to see her for more than his fact-finding guru. With the help of a wish that expires by Christmas, the night of ecstasy she always dreamed of becomes a reality. However, in the cold light of day Leland must judge if she is innocent or committed a crime of passion. 

Kim McNiel's "No Regrets": Gabby couldn't be dreading Christmas any more than last year’s, when she caught her ex-fiancé ho-ho-ho-ing with someone else. This year, Gabby has a plan. She’ll hide at home, work through the holiday and skip the annual Christmas party. One problem, Trey, the new boss is the one having the party. For the first time in a year, Gabby’s tempted. For Trey, she’s a present that he wants to unwrap with his teeth. For Gabby, she is determined to jingle his bells. Join these two as they twist up a little tinsel in the spirit of the holiday season. 

Rue Volley's "Vertigo": Erin works in marketing and promotions at a top firm in Chicago with her best friend Molly. Her life would be perfect if she had not just ended her long relationship with Andy, a man she met while still in college. Andy was never so much there for conversation as he was a friend with benefits, so Erin is confused as to why she thinks of him so often. As they go on Christmas break she slips into a pattern of eating truffles and watching romance movies alone. Molly decides to intervene and drags Erin out for a night of clubbing. They end up at a new club named "VERTIGO" and once there Erin is shocked to find out that there is a whole world she never even knew existed. This will prove to be a Christmas Holiday that she will never forget. 

Khelsey Jackson's "Holiday in Handcuffs": Gretchen and Stefan promised one night but that didn’t happen. After finding each other again and falling in love they are now married and expecting. But there is one thing Gretchen wants for Christmas, will her adoring husband go against what he wants and give her what she needs? 

Chelle's "The Christmas Collar": Mariana and Eric played tie me up games in the bedroom. Ready to take it to the next level she pledges her mind body and soul to him. Unsure of what she is really getting into. After a night at a club and she runs. 
Can Mariana earn Eric's collar? Is he worthy of her submission? Or will this be a Christmas disaster? 

Riley Steel's "Secret Santa": After ditching her cheating boyfriend Alan, Jenny is ready to jump back into dating. One problem, she's never dated before. Alan was her high school sweetheart until he left her for another woman. Jenny is just thinking that it might be better not dating at all, but then the new hot delivery man Anthony flirts with her. Then the Secret Santa draw sees her lumbered with her boss Charles to buy a present for, a boss who also starts to flirt with her! Out of the blue, Alan changes his mind and decides he wants to fight for Jenny. Torn between comfort, spontaneity, and dark and dangerous, Jenny doesnt know who to chose. Torn between three men...who will Jenny spend Christmas with?


Twelve Strings of Christmas

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by Candi Delshamagus

It was the raunchiest, sweetest & loveliest story I have read in a while! Not only does it get you a little bit (ok…ok a big bit) hot under the collar but it has you laughing so hard... only a few sentences in and I was nearly wetting myself laughing! Tasha is one saucy minx and Cole is... well where can I get me one of them??? 

There were bits when I oooh-ed ahhh-ed, ah-hem-ed and literally squealed with excitement.

It will leave you with a big satisfied smile that’s for sure and if it doesn’t then you may need to shake of that inner prude and reread!

A must read on these cold nights!

image:'Can you hear the love' ©Nina Matthews photography http://www.flickr.com/photos/21560098@N06/5184282432/

Secret Santa

by Riley Steel

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This was a very sweet and sexy story about Jenny, a girl who after discovering her boyfriend had been screwing about behind her back begins to shut herself down to love and toughen up to life. Ironically it’s this feistiness and no-shit attitude that lands her smack in the eye line of the fittest guy at work … yup …her boss. Who she hates! Erm... well we all know about that thin line and Jenny damn well straddles it with Charles.

This has plenty of office romance, some great intrigue, a nasty ex, a budding relationship and enough naughtiness to keep your toes curling.

Another Fab read from the Hard Candy set!

image:'Santa claus' © Grzegorz Łobiński: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gregloby/3083873075/

Hired for the Holiday

by S.J. Davies

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image: 'sweet treats' ©Nina Matthews photography http://www.flickr.com/photos/21560098@N06/5183703373/

Holiday in Handcuffs

by Khelsey Jackson

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Totally not what I was expecting! This one starts and ends with a whole lot of steam but in the middle there is the most loving relationship; the sweetest story of two people who found love through what was only meant to be a one night stand. Great characterisation, an endearing storyline and so much love that you will feel warm and fuzzy inside.

A sweet story for the romantic in you!

image: Candy love © Bunches and Bits {Karina} http://www.flickr.com/photos/bunchesandbits/4205612926/



6423093893 752434b3ecby Rue Volley

As expected of Rue, this story offers a little kink with its passion… Talk about finding love in the most unusual places! 

Erin, is disillusioned with love and relationships. She’s never been one to settle down – especially as the guy she really liked – had great sex but no real relationship with – has upped and left her for a younger model. She should be released to be free but she is crushed. Cue a fantastic friend who not only knows what’s good for her but what is just naughty enough for her too. Throw in the man of her dreams and truths that will rock her to the core and you have one of Rue’s fabulous darkly entertaining stories.

Well worth the read!

image: 'Emergency' ©Kaytee Riek http://www.flickr.com/photos/riekhavoc/6423093893/

No Regret

by Kim McNiel


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This tale caught my fancy immediately. Within the first few pages I was outraged on her behalf and rooting for her. Who wouldn’t hate Christmas when you catch a Santa-hat-wearing whore riding your fiancée? GRRRRR

So Gabby is a little broken at the beginning and with the prodding that only a true friend can deliver she takes an almighty risk at their masked Christmas party and seduces the new boss…When no one recognises you why the hell not right?

There’s definite Cinderella moment and a conclusion that will have you grinning for more than one reason!

A great short from Ms McNiel!

 image: '***' ©Louise Docker a.k.a Aussiegall http://www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/6548258605/

The Wish

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by Kim Carmichael


Emma is head over heels in love with Leland, the demanding, overbearing lawyer that she works alongside. For the longest time she has gone unnoticed and decides to take matters into her own hands by hiring a witchy woman to perform a little spell to let her get her one true wish. But when she gets what she wants can she live with the guilt of forcing the situation by unusual means – can it really mean something to both of them or has she tricked him somehow?

Emma may not have won me over but Leland certainly did and the intense night in the office is the stuff of naughty nights!

A fun little tale.

 image: 'Happy First of Advent'© Mrs Gemstone http://www.flickr.com/photos/gemstone/11165859663/

The Christmas Collar

by Chelle

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This is the tied-up tale of Marianna and Eric. Marianna a bondage newbie gets more than a little out of her depth in her rush to please the man she has come to love. But when things get too hairy for her she bolts.

This story balances itself out nicely with both the bondage/kink aspects and the relationship aspects equally weighted within the narrative. You can’t help but feel for Marianna and are pleased when they both come to the realisation that the blame needs shared.

A much more realistic take on the BDSM scene, for a newcomer, than that trilogy.


image: Christmas Wreath Chatsworth House 2008 ©Kevin T http://www.flickr.com/photos/kev747/3129998659/

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