Hellhound by Rue Volley Review

hhsTitle: HellHound

Author: Rue Volley

Star Rating: 5/5

I went on a journey last night – into the realm of hell and its demons. The journey started with a gorgeous cover – yes I know they say ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but sometimes I say; “Why the hell not?” especially when the cover is as intriguing and beautifully dark as Hellhound’s.  My first few steps brought me to the prologue – the beginning of the story that ironically started at the end – the end of a life.

 Rue throws us in at the end of Halo Bay’s (What a brilliant name!) mortal existence. She unveils for us the moment of her death and rebirth into hell – and right from the get–go, we are on Halo’s side.

Halo is met by Gunner (yum) and given a choice that will mean an escape from the fires of hell. From the moment she chooses her whole existence changes and the girl that was once a punch bag becomes a kick-ass Hellhound.

Tested at every turn, Halo faces the ultimate death if she cannot fight the demons who escape topside. But battle isn’t what threatens Halo the most – Love does – love for a man who no longer thinks himself worthy and who will deliberately hurt her to protect her.

 So we have a fun protagonist, witty narrative and a great premise what more do we need? Uh… Sex, lots of dirty thoughts, A Roman, Vikings, Vampires, Demons and my absolute favourite Lucifer himself!

Hellhound is another cracking tale from Rue Volley and before you have even finished reading you already know that you need the next book in hand. 


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1. Rue Volley 16/11/2013

Thank you so much. xoxo

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