Hers by Dawn Robertson


by Dawn Robertson


Adult Fiction/Erotica

Stars: 4/5


Explicit is a word I would use for this. Titillating is another. Read the blurb thoroughly; this book comes with a warning and although I have probably read worse  - it is not for the faint hearted. Ms Robertson isn’t afraid to tell it like it is for her characters and I think that makes this book all the more enjoyable for it.

Seven is totally messed up. Her childhood was messed up, her family and friends are  - yes you guessed it – messed up! If this novel was just a simple story about Seven’s past and how she tries to overcome it, then it would be a great read but Robertson also threw in a revenge plot that wraps us up in a corporate world too. This book is a collection of contradictions; A tattooed, mistress of kink with predilections for very naughty one night stands on the one hand and a bull headed business woman with a damaged heart and loser ex on the other…and the only thing that ties these two sides together is the delicious Levi.

This starts raunchy and ends romantic… this reviewer liked that.


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