Interchangeable by Kim Charmichael review

Title: Interchangeableon

Author: Kim Carmichael

Star rating: 3.5/5

Heat Rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

This is the tale of Todd, Cooper and Dahlia - One time entrepreneurs and two timing lovers. The tale starts after what seems to have been an explosive break up. We discover that Dahlia had been enjoying both of her business partners and when they found out about each other she had ran – with all of their money.

Its years later and the boys have tracked her down needing answers and some sense of closure… For one night they plan to share.

This is a steamy tale – explicit in description and deals with the love-triangle–turns-threesome scenario. Beneath the sex is quite a sombre tale of a woman who couldn’t reconcile the two men she loves. The fears and inhibitions threaten to rip them apart after the night is through and you can’t help feel for Dahlia despite the fact that she duped both Todd and Connor.

The read is fast but manages to offer up a decent plot, steamy explorative sex scenes and a satisfying ending… A sweet quickie for any reader!


Reviewer: Dina

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