Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve by V.J Chisholm Review

Title: Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve

Author: V.J Chisholmmag

Star rating: 3.5/5

So what’s it about?

This is a very sweet and unexpected tale of romance.

Alexia is single and hasn’t been intimate with anyone for years. But then Alexia has an unusual bunch of friends who know just how to solve that issue… cue a little magic, a special night and you get an evening of torturous pleasure with the fabulous Lance…

Only one problem – Lance exists in the spirit realm and for this pair one night just doesn’t seem enough.

Alexia is a fun character who – despite knowing how strongly she feels about Lance – fights the inevitable. Considering she called him forth she certainly gives him a run for his money!

If you are a fan of love at first sight/ soul mate/ soul bond relationships then this story is absolutely for you. 

Favourite quote:

 A deep sounding chuckle came from her partner as he stood behind her. “You little witches have no idea what you’re playing with, do you? What did you all think? That you could use your old little spell for a quickie lust buster from the other side? One night, no strings attached just like you little mortals like it, never to been seen again?

Reviewer: Dina

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