Recalled by Cambria Hebert

Death, Love and Daisies...


Title: Recalled

Author: Cambria Hebert

Star rating: 4.5/5

So what’s it about?

Recalled is the story of Dex and Piper. A young man who is homeless, cold and hungry marks a young waitress as his next victim. Successfully relieving her of her tips he walks away feeling rather satisfied with himself. But fate has different plans for the pair and, before he can think, he is stepping into the path of a bus to save his victim's life… But death isn’t going to give either of them up that easily…

I really liked this story. The split perspectives of Dex and Piper unveil the dilemmas each character faces and the unusual relationship blossoming between them. I particularly enjoyed Dex’s inner struggle between doing what he thinks he must and what he knows is right. Dex is so sure that he is damned and worthless that he doesn’t recognise the goodness in the sacrifices he so willingly makes for others.

Piper too has her secrets and despite being one of the most rubber characters I have ever known (she bounces back from almost everything thrown at her) she seems to have a target painted on her back. Her tenacity and determination to get to the root of the mystery that is Dex almost destroys her and Dex too!

The story read well, the characters were interesting and the telling was witty, tense and heartfelt. A tale worth telling and a book worth reading!

Read this if…

  •      You like the good vs evil struggle
  •      You don’t mind a bittersweet love story
  •      You like the intrigue of death and what comes after.

Favourite quote:

“It’s barely six a.m., Frank. What’re you doing here?”

 “Did you think I wouldn’t come when you called to tell me about your brush with death!?”

“I thought maybe you’d wait and come at a decent hour,” I grumbled, locking the door and following her into the tiny kitchen.

“The donut makers are up,” she said, flipping the lid open on a box of a dozen donuts. “Therefore, the hour is decent!”

Cambria Hebert. Recalled (Kindle Locations 346-351).

Reviewer: Hagnut

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