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The Golden Crown Series Review Special…


Firstly, I would like to thank Rue Volley and Sinead MacDughlas for giving me the opportunity to read and review these books and particularly the ARC of The Gold Crown.


For all you readers wondering whether or not you should read this series—

My answer is ABSOLUTELY .


Don’t get me wrong, the read is a torment that you should only inflict if you are mentally balanced enough to cope with the WILD and twisted tale you are presented with. I had the luck of having all three books in my reading list before I began—and let me tell you I was glad I did. By the first book I was hooked, shocked and left dazed, by the second I was broken, haunted and emotionally distraught and the final book brought it all to a head and slammed the nails into my coffin – yes this series killed a little piece of me.


Okay, so that sounds exaggerated and way over the top for three simple little books…


Rue out did herself with this series.

Never before have I felt so distressed for the trials the two main characters go through. I think I was in shock throughout the beginning of their narrative and then wept for them throughout the remaining tale. Their self-inflicted torments are so sad and twisted that their pain carries forward into the next generation: doomed to suffer for their parent’s mistakes.

Rue gives us characters who are so poisonous they are barely redeemable and yet you long for a happier existence for them; you ache to see a happy ending (it is an ache that stays long after you read the last word and turn the last page).

I plan to reread them but won’t even dare to do so until I feel strong enough to be broken all over again.


Amazing to find three little books with such a huge impact!

The Bitter End (Book 1)


Star Rating: 5/5

This is the story of the impossibly wealthy and already ruined Beth. Heiress to a fortune and treated like a ghost by a father who seems solely intent on having a male heir. Beth exists in an emotionally damaged world and Ryan’s re-appearance in her life threatens to either save her from herself or take her further into desolation. Without ruining the plot readers should be ready for a complexly woven and twisted tale of love, lust, money and loss.

The story is told primary from both Beth and Ryan’s perspectives and is presented in a casual, colloquial and familiar conversational style. With some serious subject matter - which is honestly handled - and some extreme sexual references/practice it is not for the faint-of-heart.

I deeply enjoyed reading this and found that I had consumed the story within a couple of hours. Thankfully I had the sequel to hand and began and finished that too - all in the one sitting… they were that good.

The Twin Dragons (Book 2)

the-twin-dragons-cover.jpgStar Rating: 5/5

This continues Beth and Ryan’s story and takes place many years after the first book. The passage of time lends to the readers reaction to their lives. I found myself in tears – not at any particular event in the story but at the mournful way their lives turned out. Their relationship was always damaged but in this book it is downright broken. The introduction of the twins, August and Cas, brings a whole new dimension to the curse upon this family. The mirrored lives and events are cleverly delivered by Rue and draw attention to the question of nature vs. nurture… are they inevitably doomed by their blood or compromised by the environment they have grown up in?

I worried when I started reading this installment because of the time that had passed – it was a pointless concern because this book grabbed and held me until I had finished - The ending so devastatingly shocking that I actually needed a day to recover before picking up the last installment!

The Gold Crown (Book 3)

the-gold-crown-cover.jpgStar Rating: 5/5

As expected of any finale, this book brought the stories, the truths and the lies of Beth, Ryan, Cas and August to their inevitable climax. With a plethora of intrigues and plots, a new love interest (that fundamentally saves Beth), and even more disturbing twists and truths – this book tops them all off nicely.

You can’t help feel devastated by the characters’ choices throughout the tale. You hope for redemption and some kind of resolution for Beth and Ryan, despite knowing it would never be deserved – after all, what Ryan has done is beyond all realms of forgiveness or understanding. Then just as you are beginning to accept these new outcomes, Rue swipes your feet from underneath you and leaves you reeling on your ass!

I have had a book hangover before but never have I been so wrung out that I have had a book breakdown… my little heart will never be the same again…

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