The Vampires Of Soldiers Cove by J. MacIntyre

Raw, Exciting and Bloody...

Title: The Vampires of Soldiers Cove.soldiers cove

Author: Jessica MacIntyre

Star rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

Rachel has heard voices in her mind for so long and it seems there is no escape that is until a man, who should be long dead, appears and gives her a choice – to become like him and gain control of the voices…

For Rachel the choice is a simple one… it is the life that comes with it that causes her all the problems…

Love it or hate it?

This completely took me by surprise. The title made me ‘umm and ahh’ for a little while before purchasing this book and the cover is so delicate and understated that I wasn’t sure if it even appealed to me – How wrong I was!

This was a rather refreshing look at a well-worn subject. Vampires and Vampire fiction are such a well-established genre that it is really hard to find a story that hasn’t been told a hundred different ways already. Jessica MacIntyre somehow managed to do just that! From the prologue to the final chapter I was hooked. Rachel is thrown from one lifestyle into another and is forced to deal with a whole host of problems both internally and externally. The unapologetically blood-thirsty way that MacIntyre explores Vampirism is both refreshing and exciting and makes Rachel and Gavin’s relationship multifaceted.

There are moments of horror, struggle, retribution, disobedience, surprise and justice. You find yourself asking: ‘what would I do in her situation?’  And, concerning though it may be, the response may not be what you would expect of yourself….

A recommended read!

Read this if

  •      You like vampire stories that don’t shy away from the bloodletting.
  •      You like your supernatural to exist on the fringe of  reality
  •      You can handle brutality, vengeance, love, lust and romance.

Favourite quote:

All at once everything seemed a wonderful and beautiful dream.   Oh, how badly I wanted to touch this man, every inch of him.

“You’re not going to have this vampire either so cut that out,” he ordered. “Why don’t you go find a deer or bobcat female to mate with?”

“Well I can but we can’t make a baby. Would you like to make a baby?” he said fixing his eyes on me. I could feel my head involuntarily nod yes. What was I doing?

 “I told you to cut that out,” Gavin snapped.

 “Oh fine,” he said. He broke eye contact with me and I was rudely awakened to clearer thoughts.

MacIntyre, Jessica , The Vampires of Soldiers Cove.

Reviewer: Hagnut



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