Torch by Cambria Hebert Review


Title: Torch

Author: Cambria Hebert

Star rating: 4.5/5

So what’s it about?

Imagine waking up to find yourself tied to a chair in the middle of your own living room – the noxious smell of petrol is in the air and a dark shadow faces you holding a lit match… Yeah nightmare of epic proportions but this is only the beginning of Cambria Herbert’s Torch and let me just say it gets much hotter from there on out.

Throw in a pyromaniac stalker, huge handsome fire fighter and enough lust to require an obligatory hosing down and you have Torch.

Love it or hate it?                   

This was a really good read. Just the fire-fighting-mountain-of-gorgeousness that is Holt Arkain is, in himself, enough to make this book a great read -but add to it the clever and intriguing mystery of Katie’s obsessed assassin, the secret of Katie’s past and a blossoming romance that look set to reignite some fires all on its own… and you have one intense read.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sweetness of the romance and found it balanced out the heat of the more sexual scenes well. It is a beautiful rounded story with an interesting and entertaining plot and well-constructed characters.  

A recommended read!


Favourite quote:

“I’m not going home with you.”

He smiled.

If my hands weren’t burned I would punch him.

He leaned down close, his breath fanning out over my cheek. “Don’t worry, Katie. I don’t bite. Unless you want me to.”

Torch. Cambria Herbert. 2013

Reviewer: Hagnut

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