Angel City by Jon Steele Review

Not so Angelic Angels!

Title: Angel City

angelAuthor: Jon Steele

Star rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

One of the last Angels on earth, Jay, finds himself hunted by the law. Katherine and her son Max are thrust into an adventure that forces her to remember and to understand, and then there is Astruc - disfigured and obsessed with the souls of mortal men. Who are these people and how to their lives touch...and what does the strange prophecy of a sacraficial child have to do with any of them?

Angel city is a fast paced and action filled novel. The author invites the reader into the story via a historically set battle – one tainted by hopelessness but bolstered by faith. We are then thrown headfirst into a much more familiar battle in the middle of present day Paris – only things are not quite what they seem and neither the enemy nor the reluctant hero are quite what the reader is expecting. From here on the plot twists and turns leading the reader into an intricately woven web of lies, truths, fears and fantasy.

With plenty of intrigue and suspense along with a rather unusual premise – I must say this has been one of the most ‘enlightening’ reads so far this year.

When a work of fiction brings you to question your faith, humanity and purpose it must be good.

Reviewer: Hagnut

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