My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster Review

quikTitle: My Lady Quicksilver

Author: Bec McMaster

Star Rating: 5/5

What's it about?

Set in the wonderful world created by Bec McMaster— Victorian steampunk meets vampire ruling classes — this novel follows the story of the infamous ‘Mercury.’

A deadly, hunted humanist and revolutionary, Mercury is on Lynch’s hit list. As the leader of the guild of Nighthawks it is his responsibility to hunt Mercury down and hand him over to the prince for execution. In fact his own life depends on the success of this mission.

So imagine his surprise when he finds out Mercury is not so much he as she!

Rosalind, better known by her alter ego Mercury, has one driving force – finding her brother and saving him. Everyone thinks he is dead but Rosalind knows better and despite all evidence stating otherwise she goes after the clues to uncover what really happened when her brother went missing…. Her path leads her straight to the man who hunts her. Can Rosalind get the information she needs without getting caught? Will Lynch uncover Mercury’s true identity? Will the spate of mysterious attacks on the elite vampire classes be resolved and will the indisputable heat between Mercury and Lynch change the course of their fates?


I loved this. Bec McMaster artistically creates an intricate and detailed world. Every weapon, detail, street, house, character, motivation, puzzle, resolution is beautifully crafted and immerses the reader in a fantastic story. I never considered myself a fan of steam punk or Victoriana but Bec McMaster has completely changed my mind. With a whole series of novels immersed in this world, I can see I have a lot of very enjoyable reading to look forward to!


A highly recommended book!

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