Best Served Bloody By Sinead MacDughlas

Ghosts, Creeps and Twists!

Title: Best Served Bloodybest

Author: Sinead MacDughlas

Star rating: 5/5

So what’s it about?

Jess Green moves into a small isolated house with the intention of keeping herself to herself. If only the ghosts knew that…

Roped into helping the souls trapped in her house and unveiling the truth about a series of seemingly unrelated deaths; Jess must face up to the horror, fear and sorrow of those she is forced to help and the truth she has desperately buried deep within herself.

Love it or hate it?

LOVED this story! In fact the only disappointing thing about it was that it finished too quickly – I wanted more!

The devilishly woven tale is tense, witty, suspenseful and intriguing. The slow unveiling of the horrors inflicted by Jimmy Harrison has you begging for retribution. You feel the injustice and the imminent threat that he represents to both the living and the dead and then… Oh my goodness …Sinead MacDughlas flips the world on its axis and leaves you spinning!

Fabulous tale that is highly recommended!!

Read this if…

  • You like a really good twist in the tale that will leave you reeling
  • You enjoy a good mystery with the added bonus of some supernatural/spiritual.
  • You want something quick to read that leaves you satisfied.

Favourite quote:

A ball of mist formed in her hands. I could barely make out the frail outline of a malformed baby. The spirit howled, a sound that pierced my heart, and vanished in a burst of mist. Judith appeared in her place. “Yes, that was what would have been her baby,” Judith said with pity in her voice. “Their souls are bound together.”

MacDughlas, Sinead. Best Served Bloody. Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.

Reviewer: Hagnut




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