Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H. P. Mallory Review

fbnTitle:Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Author: H.P. Mallory

Star Rating: 4/5

Meet Jolie, a tarot reading psychic who keeps herself to herself until a rather enigmatic warlock enters her life and hires her to pull off a rather special job….Find the murderer of a 1920’s ghost!

Dear reader you would be forgiven if you think that would make a rather interesting story all on its own but Mallory goes one better and gives us a twisted and complicated plot that will draw you in and keep you entertained.

The world that Jolie is drawn into is dangerous and unfair. Regardless of this Jolie seems to flourish rather than flounder. Complicated romantic romps, mischievous magic vicious vamps, frisky fairies and grizzly duels ensue.

A pleasant read and happily there will be further tales of Jolie’s adventures to come!


Favourite quote:

 “I have a job that would require traveling to Chicago to the 1920s. I need you to learn who killed my client, the spirit you recently met.” Okay, I believed in ghosts, and I’d accepted the fact that I’d seen one, and I was beginning to be okay with the existence of warlocks, but time travel? I leaned forward and lowered my voice. “You can time travel?”


Mallory, H.P. (2010-07-02). Fire Burn And Cauldron Bubble, A Paranormal Romance (Jolie Wilkins) (Kindle Locations 380-384).  . Kindle Edition. 

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