Veer By Alyssa Rose Ivy Review

A Sweet Romance


Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

Star Review: 4/5


What is it about?

Veer is a sweet Romantic story of Becca and Gavin. Becca, having recently lost her mother and an intern/summer position in the DA’s office, resorts to visit her friend Molly in Clayton Falls.

Stranded, thanks to her unreliable if treasured car, Becca is rescued by the handsome Gavin – a cop and friend of Molly’s. Despite their immediate attraction Becca and Gavin butt heads every time they meet. Both Becca and Gavin let their past baggage interfere in what could be a perfect romance, resulting in a tumultuous tale.


I really liked this. It was a sweet story and the journey of discovery for both characters was engaging and endearing. The reader discovers the characters secrets along the way and experiences their fears and struggles.


This book is a part of the Clayton Falls series but stands perfectly well as a stand-alone read.

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