Learn to Love Me by Sinead MacDughlas Review.

ltlmTitle: Learn to Love Me

Author: Sinead MacDughlas

Star rating: 5/5

So what’s it about?

From the first line you are drawn into Emily’s life. The beautifully descriptive opening reads like a 1940’s classic noir or hardboiled crime fiction. It spins a tale of the smoky, gauzy life of a journalist slightly disillusioned by the career. But very quickly MacDughlas spins this on us and instead of a forty something, chain smoking, male we find ourselves reading about a young energetic career driven female.

Emily describes herself as ordinary – so ordinary in fact that she often reminds people of someone they know. Ironic really that the whole nightmare that becomes her life boils down to this sad truth.

With girls going missing, a psycho phone stalker, a husband who runs hot and cold and an ex-lover who still holds her heart, Emily is tied to a complicated web of intrigue, lust and murder… one that will force her to make terrible sacrifices.

Love it or hate it?

Oh goodness me I loved this! There is something about the way that MacDughlas writes – She manages to pull you in, make you feel at home and then slowly twists away until you are fraught with the tension. I felt like I had been suspended in ropes, over a piranha filled barrel, with a candle slowly burning its way through… I was that tense. The tale is intricately woven with carefully crafted plot lines and artfully constructed characters. Emily is the right balance of brave, bitch, insecure and lost and even if I do not agree with the way she handles her final decision (you will know exactly what I mean when you read it!) I couldn’t help but admire her for her choices. The introduction of Alex and the tempestuous relationship with her husband Trevor make for some very edgy moments – most of which had me shouting for the yummy Alex. The host of other characters are so well described and embedded in Emily’s life that when things get really bad and she starts to suspect everyone - we do too!

All in all this was a great read and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Right now I’m off to blow my book budget on all of Ms MacDughlas’s other works!

Read this if…

No if’s … just read it! It is absolutely worth it.

Favourite quote:

‘His eyes were so dark with fury that he actually frightened me. His nostrils flared and his right hand, draped across the back of the bench seat, twitched.

It was enough to have me scrambling backward out of the truck. I slammed the door and he glared at me through the glass for what felt like a lifetime before he snapped around, ground the truck into gear and squealed out of the lot in a cloud of choking smoke.’ 

Learn to Love me. Sinead MacDuglas. 2012

Reviewer: Hagnut

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