Banished From Grace by Aria Williams

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Title: Banished From Grace (#1)banish

Author: Aria Williams

Star rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

To everyone that knows her Nardia is a hardworking and dedicated nurse; responsible and diligent in her duty. But that is only the half of it. She has been around for hundreds of years, never aging and apparently indestructible. Her only calling is to heal – a calling that has a divine purpose – but Nardia’s life takes an unexpected turn for better and worse…

Love it or hate it?

At first I was concerned that this story would not really be something I would enjoy. Aria Williams builds a world through the eyes of her character and at first Nardia is clinical, cold and lacks any real life. As a reader I almost panicked. I wasn’t sure I could handle the thick medical descriptions and career orientated persona of the protagonist…and then all of a sudden she changed and so did the whole feel of the narrative. AJ’s appearance in Nardia’s life not only awakens her but how her story is told, and the reader has the privilege of experiencing this along with her.

The unfolding of events and decisions that the protagonist makes are suitably infuriating  …well who could resist that barista?… and the slow building tension has the reader asking “What’s wrong with this picture?” before you even know something is going on. I have my suspicions about a few of the characters (heavenly bodies nor not) and am looking forward to uncovering whether my suspicions are accurate in the next installment.

Overall I liked it. The premise is interesting, the world the author builds is just real enough to have you believe and yet different enough to make you wonder. There are still elements of the narrative that are too sharp or blunt and at the end I really wished I had a chapter or two more to come to terms with the revelation I had just read.  But if the author wanted to leave you with a need to read more – then I guess she succeeded!

Read this if…

  • You like angel stories
  • You like love stories with a difference
  • You root for the handsome one over the rich one every time…

Favourite quote: AJ slowly leaned closer; he was going to kiss me and I really didn’t want to move. As bad as it was, I wanted him, too. Well, my heart did, but my head was screaming with loud protests to push him away. Moving his hand to my face, he wiped milk froth off my lips and moved back to his previous position.

(Page 45) Banished from Grace Aria Williams.

Reviewer: Hagnut

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