Evanescent by Gabriella Lepore

My inner child fell in love with this tale...

Title: EvanescentEvanescent

Author: Gabriella Lepore

Star rating: 5/5

So what’s it about?

Evanescent is the wonderful story of three boys made immortal by a witches curse and the girl they must save from an otherworldly hunter.

Bronwen is awoken in the middle of the night by her very afraid grandmother Ada. She is told to run to the creepy castle at the top of the hill and seek the help of Felix Cavara. With her life in danger and the hunter at her heels Bronwen seeks the safety of the castle walls and the protection of the immortal boys who wish for nothing more than their own overdue demise.

Except now Felix might have found something…or someone he wants more…

Love it or hate it?

I adored this sweet, beautiful, funny and entertaining tale. It made me laugh out loud, weep, shake my head and long for the days when I was younger. I enjoyed this as an adult but would have loved it as a child. The quality of writing, characterisation and story were outstanding and reminded me of the wonderful Diane Wynne Jones’ works.

The innocent love between Felix and Bronwen is heart-warming and the brotherhood between Felix, Alistair and Loki is entirely endearing.

I feel I cannot write more on how much I enjoyed this without uncontrollably gushing so I will just say this…

I thoroughly recommend it to readers of all ages – if only to remind yourselves of the sweetness of youth…

Read this if…

    •      You like a satisfying, engaging, witty and entertaining read.
    •      You like to laugh at/with your heroes/heroines
    •      You enjoy a well woven tale with a bittersweet ending.


Favourite quotes: There were too many to just give you one so here are a few of my absolute favourites…

…Does it mean that he loves me? He can’t just say that and then go hide in a tree!

“Over my dead body!” Felix spluttered. “Insert your own immortality quip, I’m too furious to pun.”

She threw another rose. “Bronwen!” Felix bellowed, cowering behind Ada. “Don’t make me lose an eye! Think of my depth perception!”


Lepore, Gabriella (2013-03-14). Evanescent  

Reviewer: Hagnut

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