Freak Of Nature by Julia Crane Review

Warning: For mature YA readers!

fonTitle: Freak of nature

Author: Julia Crane

Star rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

Kaitlyn is unique. She is the first of her kind – stronger, faster, smarter, feels no pain – superhuman. Oh but she is a cyborg. Kaitlyn’s body was donated to science after her untimely death - she was deemed a perfect candidate for a special private project with the IFICS and was enhanced beyond ordinary human capabilities. But Kaitlyn has no memories of her past life and struggles to hide the last vestiges of her humanity from the programmers and technicians who would steal them from her… if they knew she could feel – that she could still think for herself – would they take her emotions from her to make their ultimate cyborg weapon or would they save her from an inevitable life as a government puppet?

Love it or hate it?

This was a very good read. I devoured the pages in one sitting and was pleasantly surprised to find it was not only interesting but humorous, adventurous, romantic and sad too. Kaitlyn is a wholly likeable character. The first person narrative really helps you to see the internal and external sides of her existence and her struggle to come to terms with being both cyborg and human. The alternative Lucas POV is also refreshing as we get an insight into the programmers mind and his ethical stand point on the project and on Kaitlyn herself. I have one complaint – it ended far too abruptly. Yes, I know there will be a sequel, but something about the last chapter didn’t sit well with me… I wanted a little more or perhaps a little less… But reader that is something you will have to read in order to agree or disagree with me…

A recommended read!

Reviewer: Hagnut

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