Girl Meets Underworld By Jess Watkins Review

No Sparkly Vampires Here...

Title: Girl Meets UnderworldGMU cover

Author: Jess Watkins

Star rating: 5/5

So what’s it about?

Stella! From the moment the story begins we find our protagonist on the precipice – both literally and figuratively. Stella is a broken young woman who has lost everything and what little she does have isn’t enough to sustain her in life… That is until the night she decides to end it all… On the edge of the roof she meets Connor and finds herself at the beginning of a whole new life she would never have believed existed! With this new life comes new obstacles and unexpected revelations: Can Stella survive now she wants to live or will the Underworld be the death of her?

Love it or hate it?

I really liked this book! Watkins' underworld dances so neatly beside our own reality that it is easy to see where the monsters might exist. From a protagonist who begins her voyage of discovery on the edge of a roof, to creatures; whose lust for blood and violence almost undoes them all, this book offers it all and a little more besides!

I am already looking forward to the follow up…and having had a sneak preview I can reveal that there is already some action that will get your pulse racing….

Read this if…

  • You think your dad is a monster…you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • You like a little ‘bite’ to your vampires
  • You want a furry best friend
  • You like faced paced no nonsense tales.

Favourite quote:

“Were you going to jump?” he asked, his pearly teeth gleaming as he smiled.Where the hell had this guy come from? And why was he smiling? Ignoring him, I climbed to my feet and returned to my spot on the rust-covered ledge. The man appeared at my side.

“It’s a long way down,” he said. That was kind of the point.

“Aren’t you going to jump?” he pressed, when I showed no sign of moving. I glared at him, annoyed; green eyes flashing. Did he want to watch me do it? What a sick bastard.

Watkins, Jess (2013-02-01). Girl Meets Underworld


ReviewerHagnut (16/05/2013)

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