Heavenly Hell by Aria Williams

Indy Kicks Ass!

Title: Heavenly Hellheavenly

Author: Aria Williams

Star rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

Indy is no ordinary seventeen year old. Firstly she isn’t really seventeen at all – or strictly human. She is hundreds of years old, has survived the Middle Ages, Henry VIII’s court and is a butt-kicking advocate for women everywhere. So why is it that she might not make it out of High school alive? Who is the new boy Nate and why does he seem to hate her so much? Why does she seem to be losing control of her divinity? Fallen Angel or not… Indy has a fight on her hands to prove she is on the right path and that her actions are justified.

Love it or hate it?

I really liked this book. Indy is a headstrong character with just the right amount of cheekiness to make her totally endearing. Even when she is sticking the boot in someone’s face you can’t help rooting for her!

The split narrative perspective between her and Nate works well and really contrasts his naivety with her firm grasp of the world around her. Although how he doesn’t realise the situation sooner is a little bit of a mystery.  Aggressive and tetchy Indy may be, but evil? – No way!

Aria Williams weaves relationships, friendships, investigations, beatings, cross novel interactions, back stories, and side-plots with grace – the result is a well told tale that absolutely has you ready for the next installment. My only bug bear with this whole book is that it was too abrupt an end. Just as your heart is in your throat -it is done. As a reader who needs the satisfaction of the “falling action” I could have done with at least another chapter to lead me out.


Read this if…

  • You like a kick-ass protagonist
  • You secretly wish you had superpowers to reap revenge on the toads you should have never kissed.
  • You don’t mind a cliff-hanger that makes you scream “WHAAAAAAAT?”

Favourite quote:

This unknown person was pointing toward the jumps, then the pipes. Brandon took off down the side, attempting the half pipe. As he reached the top, he grabbed the bottom of his board and did a tiny aerial. Coming back to the boys, the stranger slapped him on the back nodding his head; now it was his turn. As he jumped down the side of the ramp, he pumped his leg on the ground over and over and up the other side, without even touching the bottom of his board. He went up into the air a good two metres then down again. His hair had fallen over his face, leaving only a glimpse of his smile, as he looked my direction. He whipped his hair back over. My knees went weak.

“Close your mouth, Indy.”

(page22) Heavenly Hell by Aria Williams

Reviewer: Hagnut

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