Ink by Amanda Sun Review

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inkTitle: Ink

Author: Amanda Sun

Star rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

Katie Greene is forced to travel halfway across the world when her parents die. A new home, new school, new language and customs, Katie feels out of her depth and can’t wait for the day she gets the news she can go back to live with her grandparents.

That is until she stumbles into the most socially awkward situation of all time and falls for the mysterious Yuu Tomohiro…

But why does he appear so cruel and yet seem so kind and more amazingly why, whenever he is around, does ink come to life…?

Love it or hate it?

This was a very interesting concept and a well told story. I adored all of the language, cultural, traditional and mythological references. They helped to establish setting and really root the reader in the tale.

The characters were also well written and engaging. The reader feels as estranged as Katie at the beginning but develops a love and understanding for the new world she has uncovered as we progress through the narrative. Yuu and Jun are both mysterious and charismatic characters. Yuu, struggle with who and what he is works in stark contrast to the cool and collected Jun. However, as the plot thickens we uncover just how similar these opposites actually are!

The mystery of their abilities and Katie’s fateful connection to Yuu drives the plot and although we do not uncover all of the secrets, the reader is aware that there is much more still to come.

Read this if…

  •      You enjoy Japanese culture, myth, folklore and traditions.
  •      You like a love story that is fraught with external strife.
  •      You appreciate a good mystery.


Favourite quote:

Then he turned, looking up in slow motion when he didn’t see me on the street.

“That’s right, Tarzan, look up!” I screamed in English. “You’re not the only one around here who can make an exit!” My lungs burned with adrenaline as I watched him stare at me. I couldn’t help it. The grin spread across my face, knowing I’d beaten him at his own game. He waited a minute, completely still, and I wondered if he hadn’t understood a word I’d said. Not that it mattered. He’d still get the point. I was the winner.

“What do you have to say now?” I shouted.

Still nothing.

And then he slowly raised his arm, his finger pointed.

“I can see up your skirt,” he said.

Ink by Amanda Sun.

Reviewer: Hagnut

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