Intangible by C.A.Grey Review


Author: C.A.Grey

Star Rating: 4/5


This book was totally not what I expected. The blurb in no way prepared me for what is a modern epic of the King Arthur myth – with an incredible twist.

The adventure begins with an incredible first chapter that captures the reader immediately. We discover Peter and his friends are not what they seem and the world that they took for granted is in fact so far removed from what the expected.

The reader takes a journey with the characters to uncover the truth about King Arthur, the penumbra, Camelot, magic and science.

It is the science aspect of this novel that is the most intriguing. Where most works of fiction set you up to read about shadows, demons and fae – expecting you to suspend your disbelief and accept their existence – this novel asks you to surmise that it is all quite possible. All the way through we see through the eyes of the pragmatic Peter – a scientist by nature who begins to discover that the things he believed impossible are quite real and – with some clever analysis – scientifically possible if you add dark matter to the equation.

Although sometimes a little heavy to read and very long in areas it is overall a very enjoyable read. The sequel is much anticipated by this reader.

 A fantastic children’s/ young teen read.

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