Raven by Suzy Turner

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Title: Raven: The Raven Saga Part 1Raven

Author: Suzy Turner

Star rating: 2.5/5

So what’s it about?

Lilly is a prisoner in her own home. Only allowed to walk to school and back, forbidden to have friends or hobbies, she exists under the watchful eye of her mother. But when her parents disappear, abandoning her with no sense of how to look after herself; Lilly’s life takes a whole new path.

She moves to a new home, in a new country with a family she knows nothing about… a family with secrets and heartache at its core. Can Lilly cope with the truth about her family and her parents’ disappearance? Will her own strange nature destroy the budding relationship with the enigmatic and handsome Oliver? Will the truth be welcomed or are old grudges too far gone to forgive?…

Love it or hate it?

I think this tale had real potential. I still think it does and if you are reading it simply for the story line then it is just ‘different’ enough to get (and keep) your attention. I liked the idea of the strange mother dressed in white watching from the window and the father who hardly ever appears from the locked room. I enjoyed the protagonist’s transitional growth from inept naivety to determined and strong. What I had an issue with was the writing. The pace was so fast that the setting and characters lacked much depth and feeling. I felt that the protagonist carried you through the tale and that neither the reader nor the protagonist really experienced what was happening. There were also a few too many “formal” conversations and descriptions and I found myself struggling to read the book at all. I almost gave up a few times but was glad that I persevered. Along the way the author did seem to find their writing rhythm and the book improves to some extent (that or the story swept me up so that I no longer noticed). If I had to give any advice to the author it would be to do a re-read - out loud – for a friend. I am hoping that the next few books in the series will have an advantage of time and characterisation because it would be a shame to give up on a good premise.

Read this if…

You appreciate the beauty of a diamond in the rough
You like a story with a good bit of mystery and a few secrets
You like supernatural and paranormal stories.

Favourite quote:

“So, did I miss much at school yesterday?”

 “Not a great deal, unless you count poor Jemima falling flat on her face in front of the basketball team in cheerleading practice. She had a bloody nose and everything. Poor thing…”

Turner, Suzy (2011-05-08). Raven (The Raven Saga)

Reviewer: Hagnut

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