Adamant by K.Wisser Review




Author: Kieran Wisser

Star rating: 4/5

So what’s it about?

Take one hacked off titan, gorgons, a few Greek gods and goddesses and a girl whose whole life turns out to be something a little out of the ordinary... Unless, of course, you are Hercules... and you have Adamant! Told from Kate’s perspective and none too shabbily I might add, we unravel an unexpected family secret and encounter the enigmatic West who breezes into Kate’s life just when she needs him most…

Love it or hate it?

I loved it! Greek mythology is right up my narrow cobblestone alley and this ticked all the boxes on that front. Wisser manages to embed the ancient Greek fantasy right into our contemporary world and then flourishes her wit and gives it a little twist so that you get sassy characters, heart-wrenching moments, and seat-of-your-pants action.  I adored the hash tag chapter openings but worry slightly over the music/TV/movie references; they establish time, setting and character but in a few years they may date this story rendering such references obsolete

Read this if…

You like Greek mythology
You want a sweet taste of romance without all the lust talk
You like characters that have a bit of attitude
Like your protagonists to get stuck in!

Favourite quote:

“I'm not being paranoid!” I shouted, and as he turned around, I pulled my shoe off my foot and threw it at the back of his head. My aim was spot on. It hit his skull with a satisfying thunk!

He turned around, rubbing his head grumpily, and reached down for the shoe, staring at it for a second. “You threw your shoe at me.”

“I did. Sorry.”

 (I wasn't sorry.)

Wisser, Kieran (2013-03-02). Adamant.


Reviewer: Hagnut (15/05/2013)

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