The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard Review


The Almost Girl

Author: Amalie Howard

Star Rating: 4/5


I very much enjoyed this story. The central protagonist is a sassy yet vulnerable character (sometimes too vulnerable) that is easy to relate to and root for. Her dilemma is heart-wrenching. How can you give up one life for another, especially when you consider on your brother and the other a potential lover?

Riven is an interesting character. She presents a cold exterior – a warrior front- because that is how she was raised. Barely out of childhood, she is already a General in charge of her own battalion. She was raised in a harsh environment by a parent she hates and finds herself thrust into breaking all the laws to save the person she cares about most.

The journey, both literal and metaphorical, that Riven takes throughout the story is filled with lessons, revelations and hardships. I found myself glued to the pages and anxiously anticipating the truth about Riven and what is really happening in her dimension. A gripping read all round.

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