The Name on Your Wrist by Helen Hiorns review

Title: The Name on Your Wristname

Author: Helen Hiorns

Star rating: 4.5/5

So what’s it about?

This is the debut novel from the winner of the inaugural Sony Young Movellist Award – and boy can you see why it won!

The story is set in an undefined future  where society is tempered by some unusual rules. In particular is the rule that you must never reveal the name on your wrist. The Carpinomen appears a few years after birth and signifies the name of your soul mate. We uncover the nature of this new world through the eyes of Corin: A young woman who wants nothing more than to escape the life that is set out before her. She has no desire to find her carpinomen and rebels against the norm… only to discover that no-one is who she thinks they are, nothing is as it seems and her future  - despite her inability to make good decisions for herself – really does lie in her own hands and in the decisions she makes.

Love it or hate it?

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. The plot was interesting, witty, emotionally wrenching and thrilling to say the least. The unusual concept and world created by the author were engaging throughout and as a reader I found myself stabbing guesses as to the nature of what was really going on. Hiorn’s teased the reader with an array of, seemingly separate, thrilling intrigues and then wove them subtly into the nature of the character and her personal conflict. A very adept and creative work.

My own personal criticism  - and I do mean personal as this would not bother the majority of readers and so shouldn’t put anyone off – was that it was at times too conversational. There were moments when the idioms did not trip off the page fluidly for me. A small bug bear but one that stopped me giving it a five star rating.

This is an outstanding story and one that I personally hope has a future in a sequel or spin off – the questions I am left with beg another book from Ms. Hiorns. A highly recommended read.

Reviewer: Hagnut

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