Wasteland (Flight, #2) by Lindsay Leggett Review

Title: Wasteland (Flight, #2)Wateland

Author: Lindsay Leggett

Star rating: 5/5 stars

So what's it about?

Wasteland begins with Piper Madden back in Elder Corp's evil clutches and locked in a cell. 

After experimenting on Piper, Rupert Elder, Elder Corp President, releases her but Piper isn't truly free - Nanomachines in her blood ensure that she does as she is told otherwise she will endure painful paralysis.

During her struggle for freedom, Piper learns that war is already here but there are those on both sides that want peace. 

She also uncovers terrible secrets.

Love it or hate it?

I LOVE this book.

It is a fantastic sequel that switches from the present to the past, giving an insight into how Piper and Asher first met as well as how Piper found out that Elder Corporation was not what it seemed.

Characters from the first book return as well as characters (Rassler and Essa) from the two prequels (Case 501 and Huntrix) to the first book, Flight. I was glad to see more of Rassler and Essa and enjoyed finding out more about them.

Wasteland is well-written (apart from the odd spelling mistake) and never dull. It also left me wanting more but also dreading the end - I don't want to say goodbye to Piper and Asher.

I can't wait to see where their journey takes them next.

Reviewer: Jess

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