Wicked Destiny by Tiffany Stevens

Angels, Demons And Secrets...

wdTitle: Wicked Destiny

Author: Tiffany Stevens

Star rating: 3/5

So what’s it about?

 A racy, tattooed, hard-ass waitress named Sloane, whose whole exterior is a complete mask that hides a critical hurt caused by an ultimate betrayal.

Sloane doesn’t’ really know who she is. All she seems to know is that the only man she ever loved walked away from her and broke her heart and every decision she has made since then is hinged in some way on the hurt he caused. When she finally meets the dark and sexy Viktor she begins to wonder if she is even capable of dropping the barriers she has protected herself with over the years.

But her ex is back on the scene and neither he nor Viktor are even what they seem. Sloane faces a huge battle – one that asks her to make a choice between the darkness and the light.

Love it or hate it?

Not too bad…

Sloane’s sulking and inability to see beyond her ex was a little annoying at first but considering she dreamt of him every single night well who can blame her for being a little trapped in the past. The other characters were pretty well developed and I have to admit Ms. Stevens certainly caught me out in the end… I did not see him coming… to such an extent that I wondered whether some of the red herrings were a little too convincingly written. I mean if the big bad is “known” by your friends then surely they would warn you…?

The Angelic/demonic aspects were downplayed making the whole thing seem a little more naturalistic and it read very much like an insight into Sloane’s broken mind. I enjoyed the excerpts from the other characters point of view as they broke up Sloane’s self-obsession and made it more interesting and intriguing. All in all a pleasant read.

Read this if…

You are all about the good vs evil- even when those lines become a little blurred.
You like an Angel show down
You are the kind of person who dwells on an ex to the point of pain…

Favourite quote:

“What the hell are you doing? You were about to start a war against an Archangel, Sloane. You need to think before you act. Be smart about things.” Viktor paced in front of me from left to right. Who was he to tell me what to do? Wait, an Archangel?

Stevens, Tiffany (2013-02-25). Wicked Destiny

Reviewer: Hagnut

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